more determined than ever.

Posted by bobbi on Jan 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

It is 23 BELOW zero. Another day in Minnesota. I joke about New Ulm, ‘Welcome, we’re closed’, when I am frustrated with the tourism promotion here, but sometimes I think the whole state could shut down except for the summer season. But then I get up, running to the quick trip for forgotten juice, and see the other brave souls. Welcome to Minnesota, where getting up and keeping your children warm, off to school and every other daily task becomes an extreme sport. Apparently we like it, and we certainly don’t care how we look. I am still wearing my dirndl this morning, but it is an amazing array of getups just to get gas. And do you know, we are still smiling and greeting each other in the same old Minnesota Nice way. Using those muscles for a grin has got to be another way to stay warm. After going out in 11 below last night, the pub crawl was rapidly losing any appeal. Today, I am more determined than ever. I am not alone. The Bohemian is full, to the brim. I have a feeling the t-shirts earned tonight will have a meaning that only those of us living in this weather can understand. Again, congratulations Schell’s, and the extended family of supporters, especially those of us in this God-forsaken climate willing to endure the elements to celebrate. Or will we simply do anything for another layer of clothing?

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