Bobbi’s Most Curious Minnesota

Well, I finally made an escape from The Bohemian Bed and Breakfast, besides to the farmers market or sausage shop and I had my copy of Minnesota Curiosities in hand! Abby began her 2 week immersion into German Culture at Concordia Language Villages and Charlie and I relinqueshed the baby to siblings and cousins for a couple day’s jaunt to the North Woods. There were loons and rides on Lake Beltrami and wonderful sculptures in Bemidji but the quest was seeing all the ‘quirky characters, roadside oddities and other offbeat stuff’ touted by Russ Ringsak and Denise Remick in their delightfully written book. Nobody can sass it better than those two so I am just going to list what fun can be had on the road from New Ulm to Bemidji and back, more in order of the book, rather than our travels. World’s Largest Ball of Twine, Darwin. Glockenspiel and Hermann the German, New Ulm (starting point counts!). W.W. Mayo House, Le Sueur. Paul Bunyan AND Fabulous Bob the voodoo priest, Akeley. Don’t forget a stop at the silo for ice cream, I don’t know how this was missed! Treasure City, Royalton. Which by far was my least favorite, and feeling it missed the boat even if boasting a pirate and oodles of seashells is odd in Minnesota. The eelpout festival is in Feb but at least I’ve driven through Walker and heard some tales causing me to become quite certain that the eelpout is exactly what a lakemaid is on any day but the summer soltise, which explains why she is so elusive.

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