Indoor Plumbing, It’s Gonna Be Big

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I”ve used this stolen line about one other artist, the darling lad Jack Ingram.  Tonight you can see another singer I have the same sentiment about at The Grand Kabaret:  Brandon Sampson.  Jack has done me proud by living up to something I told him 10 plus years ago.  Brandon is on his way.  I am just a music patron.  I love music but the closest I ever got to helping foster anyone besides buying an album was while living in Klamath Falls, Oregon and working at The Ross Ragland Theater.  Working with professional musicians you recoginize one thing that can seperate them from everyone else trying to make it.  Nice, and I don’t say that just cause I am from Minnesota.  Working with folks from Dave Brubeck to Garth Brooks and a favorite in between, Bela Fleck,  everybody that ever toured that venue was nice.  It is true what you hear about quirky things in contracts, but when you black those lines out and feed them a homecooked meal we are all the same.  Man, it was a great and memorable gig and no artist performing there was anything but gracious.  I think it taught me alot about the art of hospitality, and a wee bit about talent and who might make it big.  Three hours to come see someone who will.   Brandon Sampson, tonight at 8.  210 North Minnesota, right here in New Ulm.

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