Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

Posted by bobbi on Jun 14, 2011 in Uncategorized |

Why is it that the guests always have the best ideas?  Besides being smart and savvy, they know a good day when they see it!  And they can also feel a breeze.  So breakfast on the porch it was with Stuffed Caramel French Toast which, you know me, isn’t mentioned to make anyone feel bad for not whipping up any themselves this morning.  Rather, for some reason the caramel stuck mostly to the bottom and since appreciating the Julia Child spirit of simply sucking it up and serving it anyway.  I put two sections together with cream cheese and a wonderful strawberry jam from Louisiana.   Nothing was burned and it was still delightfully golden and pretty,  just worried most of the flavor was at the bottom of that pan and these thoughts  resulted in another offspring of the frequent occurrence around here called the mother of invention.  It was delish, albeit a bit to big, but that generally doesn’t generate any complaints.  Thus I was also reacquainted with that Cochon Butcher jam, another guest best thing in the form of a gift.   And a sweet reminder of our upcoming trip to New Orleans in September.  Where we are staying at The Bohemian Armadillo no less.  All the while more happening here, floors sanded and the three rooms getting totally rethought.  Input willkommen!

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