Yelena’s Famous Stroganoff, The Gunflint Trail & The Bohemian Bed and Breakfast

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One of the ‘guest best things’ of being an innkeeper is what we call in the trade ‘repeats’. Even visiting with my good friend Shannon from Bingham Hall, down at The Grand Kabaret last night, all we have to say when briefly touching on business is, ‘oh good week, repeats’ and we know just what we mean. Repeats are guests who visit an inn or area over and over again. These guests are a best thing for a variety of reasons, the most fun being that they arrive again as good friends and are terrific at visiting! This Easter weekend I rejoice in entertaining a dear repeat family from California (although original MN area transplants) and find myself once again basking in that serendipitous glow that so delights me. This week I came upon a recipe from the Make it Minnesota Cookbook, which unlike Julie Powell I will not successfully be completing during any given time frame, although I have thought about it, with several cookbooks and tributes to master chefs, like we all have. When I discovered Yelena’s Stroganoff while looking for something noodle-y for the family, little did I know I would have guests on the weekend from The Gunflint Trail neighborhood to go along with my California friends. Over breakfast, which did not serve up the stroganoff, a lot of other common interests came up for the guests, sharing favorite sites and future plans. Just one of those mornings were I love innkeeping!Yelena's Storganoff

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