They Really Do Exist

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Garden Gnomes at The Bohemian Bed and Breakfast

Garden Gnomes at The Bohemian Bed and Breakfast

Last week, anticipating new beginnings as I do at Easter, my Aunt and Uncle e-mailed and asked if they could come and be of some help at the inn. Eager for such an offer, I could never imagine what they would accomplish! The past two days have been filled with reorganizing and purging the ‘gateway’ from the kitchen to the dining room (for those of you who have glimpsed into this area, I need say no more) and tidying up the yard. And tidy implies no small feat. I am relishing the gracious act they have given, and in such a blessed season. The new growth in the yard sprouts with the awakening of possibilities this time of year brings. Thank you Butchie and Katie. The freedom you have afforded me, with completing daunting tasks for a lone individual, is a gift I hope springs eternal with each bloom and moment I now have to share with my daughters. So yes, these elusive creatures of folk lore and Marchen, they really do exisit, the elves and fairies, but, just as suspected, They Are Angels.

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