Rubble in our own backyard

Posted by bobbi on Jan 20, 2010 in Uncategorized |

What is happening in Haiti is terrifying. Waking up to a chronically ill child with a debilitating disease can’t be less so in the private worlds we call our own. I had guests this weekend who read about a family in our community struggling with their 10 year old son’s diagnosis of leukemia. A blood drive is taking place this week in New Ulm. Moved to action they will be coming back to participate. I am often, surprisingly, asked, ‘who stays at a bed and breakfast?’. Lynn and Sandy, and others exactly like them. Others picking up the phone and pledging from afar in addition to answering the call from home. I welcome these guests back with fresh towels and a quick wipe of the tub in hopes of facilitating change in one little person’s well being and easing a Mother’s pain. Our lives are filled with moments that can offer gracious gestures. Another secret passion of Sandy’s is skiing and Karaoke, today he will have it all with a ton of compassion. How simple.

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