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Although I have put up outside Christmas lights inside the porch, for 8 years, the idea of getting any on the actual house has been daunting. Driving about town I noticed a darling home with looping lights drizzling their open porch. It may be late a few years, but I can do that. The Bohemian is lit up! We even flash. I’ve not figured the proper timing yet, but it seems fitting the lights should reflect what is inside. What speed is Cheerful?
After the Parade of Lights in New Ulm, Savvy, who is now 2 and a 1/2 asked, ‘Christmas gone Mama?’. Hardly. But it raises the question of how to teach the ‘spirit of Christmas lies in your heart’. So after pulling out the odd string of lights from the basement and old boughs of holly and making what we have here work, I am hoping I can offer the same hope to others. I love what I do here and recognize I am a small business owner. Equally I am a steward of sustainability. While acknowledging the impact consumerism has on the economy how can I present choices that are mindful both to my beliefs and my business? So this season, in the spirit of giving, which I can’t do in the volume I’d like, I can help you. I will match any gift certificate, in any amount, with another one here, if you will share the savings with a lonely child, cause, or passion of your choice. Magic? Maybe. Me? I will just keep tweeking the timing on our twinkling lights, and for us, in this house, I think everything will be just right.

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