Hey You Barefoot and Crazy

Posted by bobbi on Nov 13, 2009 in Uncategorized |

Several years ago in Bend, Oregon, on a serendipitous cast party, some silly naked Barbies joined our table, spilling from my pockets, leftover gifts I had spray painted for my kit kat girls in Cabaret. Some kid was playing the joint. I was younger then, but still feeling old and wise, I quoted Disney’s Hercules to a boy who didn’t need to hear it. I know a good band when I see one, “Indoor plumbing, you’re gonna be big” I said to Jack Ingram. Never did heard ‘Barbie Doll’ on the radio, but once in a while, lately, I would recognize that voice and delivery. Fifth row center wasn’t as good as sharing a beer, and now that I think of it, I should have bought him a Schell’s last Saturday in Mankato, but, well, he’s big. Some things don’t get better than this. Charlie and I are digging him and who ever else pops up on my Pandora “Jack Ingram Plays The Bohemian Honkey Tonk” and that, I had programed before we got our tickets last weekend. i am thinking George’s could be a pretty cool venue, next time.

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