A Most Recent Wanda Gag Work

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A viewing of a recently donated painting by Wanda Gag was unveiled at The Bohemian. It will hang, after some restoration, at the Gag House, but was fittingly first revealed here. Savannah, our darling, shares Grandparents with Wanda. There are four greats for baby Savvy, with Wanda not knowing them either. Grandma Theresia died 5 years after Wanda’s birth and Grandpa Georg died years before while building a well on his newly purchased plot in the Immelberg, a wooded hill on the southern edge of New Ulm reminding many of the Bohmerwald from where they came. The German Bohemians remain an unarticulated mix of border people sharing language with Germany, a cultural relationship with the Czech region and politics from the Austrian Empire. Today the ancestry continues to be reflected in a strong sense of family and civic responsibility and artistic and musical interests. My own great great grandparents had an Inn in Bohemia, an interesting outcome for me: finding all roads lead to home, going back farther than my own hometown, and perhaps explaining how an unrelated girl was impersonating an artist back in her own college days. Wanda created this piece while in art school in Mpls. It has been graciously donated by the Soulen-Johnson family. http://www.nujournal.com/page/content.detail/id/509499.html

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